No one writes in diaries anymore.


10. Friday 15th May 2015 - Tenth Entry

I woke up late this morning, but that's to be expected considering how long I stayed up last night, reading LSK. I managed to distract myself today by reading a volume of side stories I found that were just as entertaining as the novels, but still, I'm having a hard time enduring the wait for the next chapter.

School was the usual. An interesting thing that did happen though, was in history class. There's a girl in my class who I don't know too well, but today, during the lesson, she just went ahead and suddenly outright told the teacher how boring his lessons were. It was amazing - such a thrill listening to. She then went on to explain which history teachers actually taught well and had interesting lessons and that he should learn from them and that 'all other teachers should lick their feet in awe of their godliness'.

Ahaha, I really have to give it to her. Of course, I've always felt the same but being the good student I am who is determined to always maintain a pleasant relationship with teachers, I could never say those things myself. But the girl did point out that our history teacher was still a pretty good teacher, it was just that the way he taught was boring (yeah, that's contradictory, isn't it?) But he's good in the sense that if she had said what she did to any other teacher, she would have gotten suspended. But he took it pretty well - as constructive criticism. Well, at the very least, I had a more entertaining history lesson than usual.

Sport was terrible - I've never liked sport. It was soccer too, and I was assigned to be goalie, simply because no one else wanted to do it. Now, I also am the kind of person who tried to maintain good relations with other students as well, so from the goodness of my heart I generously volunteered to take the role and it was actually rather fun, albeit slightly lonely. I just so happened to be put in a team full of very good players so the ball hardly ever came to where I was. Hence, I sat down on the grass, next to a patch of clovers, and spent my time searching among them for a four-leafed one until the ball came. I didn't touch the ball at all the entire first half. Still, I didn't find a four-leafed clover either. What a shame. It would have been nice to have one what with exams approaching, ehe.


The most interesting part of today came after school.

Again, my mother and brother went out to go to violin lessons. I was left alone in the house.

So, I snuck out.

Got the spare set of keys, took out a helmet from the garage, grabbed my bike and off I went. 

I remember in Year 8, I made a deal with my parents. If I got straight A's on my report card for the first semester, I would get a bike. So I did. It wasn't an entirely new bike, but that was fine. I remember, the very first time I went biking with it so clearly. Just for an hour after school. My mother had been strict with that. Yet after only reaching only one hundred meters away from my home, I just felt so incredibly free.

Before, I would bike often but I don't bike too much anymore. My mother doesn't allow me to bike by myself. Newspapers these days are filled with depressing stuff about kids getting kidnapped on streets and such and I'm no longer allowed out. I get what she means. But the more a caged bird is kept captive, the more it desires to be free.

Today was my first time biking in a while, and it's also the first time I've ever biked without my parents knowing. I nearly chickened out, to be honest. Even before I had even left, my heart was already beating. The possibility of something happening, and with how late it was getting, I couldn't help but feel rather...frightened. 

Yet at the same time, it was exhilarating.


I suppose every person needs times like these. Times to be young.


I was gone no more than three quarters of an hour and my parents had yet to arrive back home by the time I returned. No one knew what happened and I pretended nothing had.


Still, it was a good day.

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