Questioning my meditations

*Competition Entry (diary entries)*


4. May 15th

I completely forgot about this! The past week I've been trying to do some hardcore revision for my philosophy exam which coincidentally, I finished yesterday! Yes! Let me tell you, 3 hours is a lot more tiring than you'd think- you know you have a lot of time to get your answers written so there's no sense of urgency which is exactly the opposite of how you should feel in an exam. But I survived it- it was okay, but there were a few questions which may or may not have gone badly...

On another note, this morning I had one of those moments when your alarm clock cruelly wakes you up, cutting off a good dream at exactly the worst moment possible. It's such a typical presumption for teenagers to dream of someone they're attracted to...yeah, pretty much happened to me. HOWEVER I had never seen this person before, but let me tell you they were beyond Harry Styles gorgeous! He was so damn attractive. This guy in my dream was a real life Peter Pan and I was absolutely besotted with him :3 For some reason we had just met but hit it off and would always be laughing and stuff. Then the setting changed so I was in a classroom. There was soft music in the background and surprisingly, he walked into the room, shirt unbuttoned low, wearing a chord necklace (very very attractive) and hovered over me (like he was flying-another indicator he was like Peter) and I just knew he was going to ask me to dance. I don't normally do that sort of thing but oh god did I want to dance with him. But before he could even say anything, my alarm woke me up -_- WHY? WHY END THERE. Needless to say, I was in a pretty begrudged mood...

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