Questioning my meditations

*Competition Entry (diary entries)*


3. Day 4 // May 8th

It's extremely hard not to think about summer and Comic has been no different and the thoughts circling my mind still remain fixated on the fandoms I love most :3 Despite the success in the election (well, on my part), the day was a bit of a drag :/ This morning we had 2 30-minute essays to complete in media. I got really frustrated by the class purely because no one wanted to do them (just because they felt unprepared-yet we've all had the same practice several times before). I think it was just really annoying because I was really up for them and although essays aren't the greatest thing in the world, it's the only practice we can do in preparation for half of the exam. I can understand how people were a little perturbed because the mock questions were never been planned before, but it was good practice in case the exam includes odd questions to throw candidates off. Another thing which was annoying was the fact another student complained we should do the tests at home (which just doesn't work for me when i'm just as likely to procrastinate instead) and that it was a bit much to do the essays when she already had two subjects to also contend with: I have three. It's a massive rant, I agree, but I think it was a bit much for everyone to compain when the exam is merely a few weeks away- especially since I want to get an A* in media (overall)- that's enough to motivate you and make you concerned about other students' lack of motivation and effort to fulfil the work demands- especially if it has a a dramatic impact on your own progress.

Other than this slight worry, philosophy brought more test questions and amendments of the previous test questions asked yesterday. My teacher believes I'll get an A...I have other ideas xD There's still so much that I haven't revised and the exam is on Thursday- this is soooo not good. BUT it is an AS level and my university application won't be affected by the grade so at least there's less pressure there :')


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