Questioning my meditations

*Competition Entry (diary entries)*


2. Day 3 // May 7th

Today I had my first experience of voting for the general election which was intriguing, I suppose. The village hall was filled with OAPs so of course, I got a few funny looks. I'm not sure whether people have become surprised by how more young people are voting because we've been encouraged by society or if it's purely my development into maturity that has me more politically engaged, that such a thing as young people voting has become a noticeable change for me and many others. Only my dad has voted before, but that was when he was 18 so I had only a vague idea of how the process would work. I did ask a lot more questions than was necessary though, I know at least that. 

I had a few other tests in Philosophy: the exam is in 6 days and I feel so unprepared; although I desperately want it over. I can't help procrastinating which is such an annoyance for me because my mind constantly whirs with ideas and fandom-related topics. Throughout the day I've been making so many weird noises, just trying to justify and express my love for the Marvel Universe. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. My friend said she doesn't like superheroes...well except Spiderman because Andrew Garfield plays him. So this got me riled up- Andrew Garfield is hot, don't get me wrong. He's one hell of a So is the guy who plays Harry Osbourne :3 I told my friends that and they just stared at me like I was mad. The guy is really attractive though! The villains usually are tbf. Galloping back to the point, I just don't understand how my friend could have said that;! Like Captain America-STEVE. I JUST CAN'T DEAL WITH THE FEELS. The mere mention of the Avengers has me almost screaming. A lot of the time, my friends and I give reference to demons, and evil-more so than ever, because of how I can relate it back to my philosophy course. of my other friends....let's call her Spoopy (since that's one of her favourite words rn) told me that as a result of the rise of evil, my soul will be sold to the Gods. For a split second I would have brushed the comment aside, but immediately my mind went to Thor and I was like YAASS. Thor isn't the reason that excites me though. Oh no. It's probably good to mention that I'm obsessed with damn Loki is my bae. In philosophy my teacher always tries to mention Loki and whenever he does I sit there almost crying...I'm emotionally unstable I know xD. We have a small picture of Loki stuck by his desk too....and it just so happens that yesterday and today I spent over 5 hours working on a digital painting of Loki (procrastination at its worse-or best, depends how you see it). 

I'm really bad for going off topic, the previous paragraph very obviously attests to that O.o After I got home I received an offer of accommodation at the university I want to go to: there were a few documents necessary to read through before accepting the offer. It explained what it should be like when we arrive at the uni and how the most important thing is getting settled- stick up posters, line the shelves with your stuff and when you meet your flatmates, you might decide to make a dinner together or if you're too tired, to get a takeaway. I am so FUDGING excited!! So much hype today, so much hype :')

I just watched the latest episode of Big Bang Theory and there were talking about Thor EGDHFILA. I do the creepiest smile when something like that happens...I am so weird :L Ah omg this is very important to mention, even though it didn't happen today, but back when we were making ancillary products alongside our short films (media coursework), my teacher was going through the conventional layout style for a magazine cover. I wasn't listening because I was going to create a magazine article instead. However he suddenly caught my attention when he mentioned 'Thor'. I turned to see what he was talking about and as soon as I set eyes on the Men's Health magazine, dominated by Thor's picture, I shouted out 'THOR!' in a deep, masculine voice O.o I cried. I have no idea why that happened- I had no part in saying that but my mouth acted otherwise...I find that keeps happening a lot lately....shouting out before I've even had time to process the thought...Needless to say, I get a lot of people staring at me for my...'oddness'.

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