Come With Me...

Follow my life as it rapidly changes. I'm heading for exams, university and a total shake up.


7. 28/6/15

I could get used to waking up to the sound of waves crashing. I genuinely could. It's like a natural alarm clock that wakes me up when it finally reaches the top of the beach. Yes, this is the life. Sun, sea, and sand in my flip-flops. Gosh, I hate that feeling. There's nothing worse than sand in your shoes. So only one friend has spoken to me since we got here. Joy. I need to speak to more people. I should make some of the effort, I guess. I think the problem is that I'm usually the one who has to start the conversation so I eventually gave up trying. There's nothing like feeling wanted, I tell you. On a brighter note, I've finally finished exams and now I'm officially done with school. God, that entire sentence is weird to type. I can't be done with school. That's literally all I've known for 15 years. It's like I've been shoved out of a society I've lived in for the majority of my life and told to go find my place in the world. Great, now I'm panicking. I'm going to go sit by the window and stare at the sea because it's calming. Sweet dreams, Jo x
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