Come With Me...

Follow my life as it rapidly changes. I'm heading for exams, university and a total shake up.


2. 2/6/15

Okay, I think we've established I'm really bad at keeping a diary. But in my defence, I have exams and my chances of passing them get slimmer by the day.

Since my last entry, the brother L has returned home and we're waiting for K to get the keys to his new house! That room will be mine soon. It's 3 times the size of mine. I need the space for university stuff I'm imagining. Also, the Alicia/Darcy story got more interesting. It now turns out that Freddie, the cheating boyfriend, told Darcy (the cheating best friend) that Alicia had finished the relationship and that he really liked Darcy all along. But really, Alicia had never said such a thing and still believed Freddie was her devoted boyfriend. Gosh, I miss being 13/14. It seems so much more exciting minus the exams.

Another exciting thing happened! One of my poems managed to get a "special recognition" award and has inspired work at local universities! Also, they've decided to start a dedicated poetry category so they don't have to put prose and poetry against each other in future. I'm so happy! I think it's a nice way to finish the school year.

My friends are playing up. They're all being really back-stabby recently and to be honest, we have better things to do. We're 18 for goodness' sake. We're adults in the eyes of the law! They need to get their acts together.

To close, today somebody said "How many years are you going to waste hating yourself when you could be happy with who you are? You are wonderful and you're not a waste of space and say 'Screw you' to those who say anything different."

Sound advice.

Sweet dreams,

Jo x


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