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This is my online diary. Decided to move from an inner monologue to the internet, at the suggestion of a diary competition. I'll update whenever I can, although I can't promise that anything interesting will have happened. Wish me luck.


10. 29th June 2015

Funfact: At the New Designers Exhibition, featuring work from many universities in England, everyone has business cards.

Funfact: Many do not like you taking their business cards if you aren't going to hire them.

BONUS Funfact: I took a good eighty business cards anyway.


So, the exhibition was alright. Nothing massive to complain about. It was interesting, though I grew tired of it by the second floor of three. I collected business cards before being reprimanded by one of the students at her stand. Whatever. I already had loads. (She didn't need to keep going though, after I'd said I understood.)

The trip was mainly train rides, though. Georgia broke her train card, by placing it next to her phone (it demagnetises the strip) and the other Bethany ended up plaiting my hair, because I was sitting next to her and she didn't like how it felt on her arm (and I was tired of moving it).

Since then, I've done very little. I spent the weekend writing a The 100 fan fiction based on Raven Reyes, that's now posted on Archive Of Our Own, and that's about it.

Oh! I created a writing blog on tumblr - which is something, I guess.

There's only a few days left of college. Wednesday is the last day, before I have nine weeks off, and I'm so excited. College has never been fun for me, so I'm looking forward to being away from it.

Finally, I think my friends, Sam and Aimee, broke up today. The argument was petty, and I told him as much. But neither of them could let it go, or stop offending the other (okay, so it was mainly coming from Sam and I understood Aimee's side of things fairly well) and so it's not really going well for them. I don't think I can help. I tried explaining things to Sam - but it didn't do anything.

Oh well.

Six months down the drain, I guess.

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