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This is my online diary. Decided to move from an inner monologue to the internet, at the suggestion of a diary competition. I'll update whenever I can, although I can't promise that anything interesting will have happened. Wish me luck.


3. 19th May 2015

Funfact: Priness Charlotte was born on the same day as Englebert Humpledink.

Funfact: Everyone should have a name like Englebert Humpledink.


I can't say I've done much recently; or, more accurately, something that legitimises not writing anymore entries. I considered it every couple of days, but ever did anything about it. Let's claim I was revising. Because, for some of that time, I was.

However, I'm fairly useless and actually don't revise often. I should. I really should. I'm three out of four exams done, and I have completed minimal revision. I think it's something to do with a lack of motivation. However, I also think that's always the excuse for absolutely anything I do - or don't do.

So, since I last wrote, the Princess of Cambridge was born. This effects my life in no way, even though I am a patriotic English girl. It literally effects me in no way. But it's cute to think about, so I thought I'd mention it.

Another thing I feel I should say is that my crush on a certain person seems to be fading. I think it's something to do with the distance we've placed between us. Even so, I'm still strangely excited to be spending a week with him next month. But I like that it's gone; that it's dissipating into the air; dissolving, shrinking, burning. I don't miss it all that much. I don't miss him all that much.

This feels a lot like freedom, I guess.


I still haven't mentioned much about me, have I? All I can think of you knowing, is that I grew up by the sea and I had a crush once. Or twice. Or quite a few times, actually. It's rather annoying.

So, fine. I once arrived at a birthday party a week early. I have been in quicksand, and yes, I sunk. I wrote lots of poems about the same person and ripped them up. I have never had my first kiss. I have never dated. I have never loved someone wholly and fully and definitely.

I feel like you know me now, right?


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