My Diary

This is my online diary :) English is not my first language so there will be mistakes haha ^*^ Btw please don't comment anything mean.
So let's go~


2. May the 6th, 2015

Dear Diary,
On Friday is my prom and I am really excited :) but i have to say.. I am afraid that I might lose my shoe while dancing haha xD I also have that day a spanish exam as well and I am really bad at spanish and well so I am scared of that exam... and on Saturday next week I'll go to hungary for an exchange :) I am really excited and also nervous because I don't know anyone there... I mean i'll go with a few friends of mine bc they have also an exchange family there but well they are together in one family and I am alone. I hope they are nice :) My problem is, I am so awkward around people I don't know and then I am mostly quiet and people often think I am rude bc when I am with my friends I am different, like I am a really loud person, but when I am with people I don't know too well I don't say anything bc I don't feel comfortable around them...that is it for today so byee :) 

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