My Diary

This is my online diary :) English is not my first language so there will be mistakes haha ^*^ Btw please don't comment anything mean.
So let's go~


1. May the 5th, 2015

Dear Diary,
I just want to tell a little bit of myself but only a little bit so it's still anonym :) 
My Online Name is Chaerin and I am 16 years old. I live in germany and I am a K-POP fan. K-POP is korean music so they are singing in korean. But not only the language is different, their style and behaviour is also different. So please don't judge it by saying I don't even understand the language so I won't listen to K-POP. You can only judge something if you know the thing you are judging about. If you want to listen to a few songs. Search in youtube "Before the dawn (BTD) by INFINITE" , "Error by VIXX" , "Loser by Big Bang" , "I am the best by 2NE1". And even if you don't like these songs don't say "I don't like K-POP". If you don't like an english song would you say "I won't ever listen to english songs again" bc of one shitty song? No you won't ^*^ I am telling this bc of experience... My friends don't know anything about K-POP and didn't even listen to korean songs, still they dislike it.... I hate this. There is this guy Cha Hakyeon (in Japan, Korea, China People do write the Surname first so his surname is Cha and his first name Hakyeon) he is 24, korean and a singer from the band VIXX. He really means a lot to me.. but my friends don't understand this. They understand nothing that has something to do with Korea haha. It makes me sad that they show no interest in my liking. I am really interested in Korea, korean and the korean culture. I am even learning korean :) 
I guess that is it for today ^*^
Bye, 사랑해요 ("saranghaeyo" (in korean you pronounce ae as æ) means "I love you" in korean)

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