My life in textual form

This is just a diary, I'll update whenever I can.


5. Day 9


My mum is awesome.

Last night she actually used my new female name "May" for the first time. It's been bugging me for about two weeks that despite the fact she promised to use it when I'm wearing my necklace (I wear a necklace to show when I'm May) when my dad isn't around (he is less willing to accept this). But finally, she called me May and it felt amazing. My dad is one of those people who takes a long time to accept new things, when I first told him he said "I don't see how there can be more than two genders". I've tried to explain but I feel I'm fighting a losing battle.

I had an AS maths paper this morning and it did not go well. I basically forgot how to do everything and fell apart, it was much harder than the practice papers we've been doing. I'm hoping the grade boundaries will be lower but I feel like I may have messed it up completely.

I had music last today and as I've finished all my coursework I spent the whole time on the piano. It's surprising how much you can eavesdrop on just by appearing to be completely focussed on the keys in front of you. Today the topic was gender (yay for relevance). I was glad to discover that my colleagues are aware that gender is a spectrum, however I'm not sure how seriously they take it. As I listened I was thinking 'This would be a great opportunity to tell them but I think they might laugh in my face'.

So I just played the piano some more and tried to avoid getting angry when they said things that weren't entirely right. If I was a it less of a coward I might have corrected them, but I didn't have the guts.

Anyway, I have to go now, my mum is giving me that look that says 'if you don't get off that laptop in the next ten seconds I will cut off your hair' so in the interest of actually maybe one day having long hair I'll sign off here.


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