My life in textual form

This is just a diary, I'll update whenever I can.


4. Day 7



I guess I won't be seeing Delly for at least a while.

Ah well.

Apparently I slept through the fire alarm going off at 3 AM today, but there was no fire so I survived (yay).

I don't usually remember dreams but last night's stuck in my head. I remember a huge marble wall with a mirror in it, it was about the same height as me and had ornate, twisting decorations around the frame that blended gently into the wall. In the mirror I saw nothing at first, until I smiled. When I smiled, I saw a beautiful girl, with long black hair hanging loose and pale skin. She was wearing a plain white dress and seemed relaxed. When I stepped closer I could see that her hands were the same as mine, and her face the same, just with makeup on. Then I tried to step through, but I heard my parents' voices shouting at me - then I woke up.

That image is exactly how I see May in my mind. It's not often she joins my dreams though.

What little I remember of my dreams usually doesn't make any sense, but when I thought about this I realised how poetic and metaphorical it could be.

Then I thought, try not to think about it, it's just a dream.

Of course, I then thought about it more and more because I was trying not to.



My friend described his plan to effectively copy Hitler's whole master race idea. That went down well...

Then he said that I'm gay, which is not unusual. It's kind of hard for me to know whether or not I class as gay, being bigender makes defining your sexuality kind of awkward. Currently I'm going with "Half-straight, half-lesbian".

He also said "I'm against the LGBT community" not long after that. By this point I'd had enough of him, so I didn't say anything, just sat there glaring. Fifteen minutes and a lot of angry staring later he denounced the statement. Unfortunately I don't believe for a second he has changed his mind. Mind you, I'd rather he changed his mind because he actually cares instead of because his friend happens to fit in the category.

In other news, my exams start tomorrow which is not particularly making me want to get up tomorrow, but anything's better than revision, so I'm looking forward to not having to revise anymore.

Not much else happened, I'm planning to go for another night run tonight to escape from this binary gender society for a bit.

See y'all around.

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