My life in textual form

This is just a diary, I'll update whenever I can.


1. Day 1


Well here we go, a diary. Should be fun, or I could abandon this after one day like I have with every other diary I've started. But here's hoping I keep this going as long as possible., it's hard to write as yourself instead of a character isn't it?

Enough waffling, onto my day.

I got up late (again) so I had to walk to school (again) in the rain (again), I still got to school in time to play on the piano in the practise room for half an hour though so that was good. There are two practise rooms but I always go in the right-hand one, I don't know why, I just feel uncomfortable in the other one. Both of them are pretty chilly and there's a certain off-white feel to everything, but the left one seems worse, like there's always someone breathing down my neck...(I'm not crazy, I swear).

So I played for a bit and stopped when a group of year sevens ran in, barking. Yes, barking. A little pack of small kids started woofing at the top of their lungs half way through the second page of Mozart's piano sonata no.12. I decided there was little point trying to concentrate any further.

I nearly fell asleep in French, which is not unusual - we've effectively finished everything and after next Tuesday I'll never do it again (yay). I also have nothing to do in Music, because I've finished the coursework for that too. So today I basically had two free lessons, leaving just Maths, Physics and English.

I won't bore you with the details of those lessons, though if you're interested I wrote the poem of the day in English today.

I've been slowly telling people about May, which has been interesting. Most people are fine with it aside from being pretty confused to start with. What doesn't help is the one person who keeps telling people I'm a "secret lesbian". Luckily people listen to me more than him so it could be worse. I got a strange look from my friend-who-is-a-girl when I mentioned I'm growing my hair (she'd been growing hers back after cutting it for charity) but I guess that's to be expected.

The main thing that happened today is that I got ill. I wasn't too bad this morning but now I feel like someone is furiously grating my throat with a slightly blunt cheese-grater (again, I'm not crazy, promise). I can hardly talk now and I'm supposed to be singing in a concert on Saturday so I need to be better by Thursday. Also, there is the small matter of GCSEs which it would be nice to not be fighting back a cough during. I'm kind of worried it's the same thing my mum had a few weeks back which lasted a long time.

So I spent the rest of the day in "throat therapy" as my mum calls it. Which consists of Lemsip (other brands might be available somewhere), honey, parsley (of course) and generally being lazy. It could be worse.

I think I'm going to have to sign off here, I'm supposed to get an early night. I'll leave you on this note:


See you soon.

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