Its Now Or Never

You never know what will happen next
This place, this place isn't safe
It never was and it ever will be
I need to leave
I need a way out
But how?
It's Now or Never


1. You Should Have Listened

I woke up to the sound of door opening. A worker with a name tag that said 'Avery' on it, began to hit his keys against the sides of our cages. When he got to me he stopped and turned to look at me.

I probably looked discusting, I haven't showered in weeks. He began to figit with his keys until he stopped on one with the number '0001'. That was my number. Everyone had a member here, and for some reason I was number 1. I never knew why though, since I wasn't the first one to be locked up in this place.

He slide the key into my lock and opened my cage door. I backed as far away from the door as I possibly could, trying to avoid contact with 'Avery'. It was never a good thing when they wanted to take us out other than when we ate.

"Get over here." He said

I didn't move, if anything I inched farther away.

"I said get over here u little bitch!" He yelled

I flinched at the tone of his voice, but I should have known the first time. No matter who you are, if you don't listen to a command you will pay.

I still didn't move knowing it wouldn't make a difference now, I'm already in deep shit.

"If you don't get over here right now, I will drag you out myself!" He yelled

Even though most would be scared, I wasn't. I always go numb, I have no emotion. After what this place has don't to me, I don't think I will ever be the same. That is if I can escape.

"You little whore, you are going to regret this! He said as he began moving into the cage, and grabbing my hair.

He started to move backwards, dragging me with him. The pain hurt but I have definitely felt worse, this was nothing.

Everyone was staring at me, everyone knows that I should have just gone right away. But why should I? I am a test subject, and so are they. Many toxins have already been pumped into me, and the next one might kill me. So why not fight for what little I have left

I'm 16 and I know I am going to die....

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