Diary (For Competition)

So, this is my journal for the competition.


1. School

Dear Diary,


Wait... that's a bit cliche... Meh, who cares.


So this is my first time keeping a journal..at least a public one, anyway.

My life isn't the glamour-royalty some make theirs out to be; I haven't got some cool story to tell. But I just thought the whole 'Diary' thing was a cool idea.


So basically, I just go to school, come home, eat sandwiches and watch Netflix. Like I said, not much to share. My school day mainly consists of me daydreaming of bands and last night's episode of Teen Wolf/Pretty Little Liars while I'm surrounded by popular people who, I'm sure, are about 37% smarter than I am. At least some of them, anyway.


They are mostly all about getting that new perfume, asking their crushes out, awaiting that life where they can go out clubbing, drinking. But me? I want to be an actress. Or an author, artist... Okay, so, maybe I don't have it all figured out, but who does at this age?


Plus, I have a lot to worry about. I have a few friends. Ones that come to you when their 'besties' aren't in their class or are off sick. Not the one's who stick around and listen to you rant about how boring that French class was. I only have one of those friends, a best friend, who is sadly leaving in a year. What the hell will I do? I have no other close, best friends. I used to have another one but that's a story for a different day.


So, let's talk about today. I woke up to do homework, but thought 'Nah, homework's for losers' and went back to sleep. < The lazy girl I am. Lol.


I finished reading the first Mortal Instruments book (City of Bones). It's good, you should check it out. I loved it but at the end I was kinda creeped out. Seriously, I was shipping them two. Ugh, authors.


Firstly, I had P.E. And if you know me, you know my undying hatred for P.E. Not necessarily the exercise part, I slightly enjoy that actually, but the part where all the mean, popular girls are there. And the fact they look good with their hair tied up and I don't. It's a tough life.


I also had a cold today. Not fun.


And I started reading this book 'He's After Me', courtesy of my school's library,

and, honestly, it's a bit creepy. So this guy appears out of nowhere and starts taking pictures of this girl and her younger sister, then BOOM, they're already dating, and it turns out she has a stalker or something. Idk, I've only read 100 pages of it today so there could be more to it. 


That's pretty much it. And I'm pretty sure I should be revising right now. Or, at least, doing the Math and French homework that's due in tomorrow. But, bye, I guess.


Peace out, homie. 






















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