The Three-Way

three way


1. Harder You Small Dicked Parasite

Duke's eyes widened as his miniature penis penetrated Clarè, who looked disapointed at its size ... or lack there of. He was pumping and thrusting when Luke's soft touch glided over his moist back. His mouth met Duke's ear and he whispered in a deep, wirey tone.


Duke immediately goes soft and begins laughing uncontrollably. Clarè over reacts when his penis falls out of her.

"Are you fucking kidding me? I wanted you to fucking fuck me you tiny dicked asshole"

Duke goes red but Luke smirks.

"Well, if you want his asshole feels pretty good. Oh sorry, you don't have a dick you vagina possessing whore"

Clarè went red, stood up and retrieved a penis extender from the closet. She led back down and said seductively.

"Luke, you get him hard and penetrate him while he penetrates me"

They nod in compliance. Luke sucked Duke's hole one last time, savouring the taste and plowed his penis into him. Duke's penis was immediately hard and Clarè attatched the penis extension to him. She directed his penis into her and made him thrust into her alternate with Luke's thrusts.

Clarè came, her back arched as the orgasm overcame her. She rolled off the bed, hitting her head on the coffee table knocking her unconscious. Duke and Luke contemplate about helping her but settle with letting Luke carry Duke into the living room to finish their session. Leaving Clarè's lifeless body in the secret room next door.


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