True Me The Diary

It's important to be who you really are. This diary won't just be some book that I just toss around ideas to fill; this book will be the ideas.
I will write up to 3 chapters a day if possible; I've never had a diary so this will take getting used to.


2. The Chapter Forgotten

A day without a word comes to mind when I think about today, the headaches I get don't mean a thing when it comes to writing, the words just flow smoothly out onto either paper or computer. What makes a good author? Is it really appeasing to the desires of the reader or is it for your own benefit? I've always wondered about emotions; why are some people more emotional than others? My favorite game I've ever seen so far really focuses on the main character's lack of self concern in the movie... and so far in the Manga as well; it makes me wonder about emotions. Emotions exist for a reason and I know they're not here to make someone feel bad about themselves. Life is full of questions, right? Then that also means life is full of answers.

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