True Me The Diary

It's important to be who you really are. This diary won't just be some book that I just toss around ideas to fill; this book will be the ideas.
I will write up to 3 chapters a day if possible; I've never had a diary so this will take getting used to.


6. Paradox

One person, taken away from your life is like a domino effect; think about it sometime.

One person changes you, just one person, no matter who they are; they can have an effect on your life. Paradox:             If my friend hadn't intorduced me to her other friend; she never would've known the truth. And the only reason she wouldn't have introduced me to her friend would be because we weren't introduced. If we hadn't been introduced, we both might have felt alone at home; not knowing that there was someone nearby who could use a friend. Age doesn't matter in the world; a friend is still a friend no matter how old or annoying they are; everyone has something about them that makes them who they are, imagine life without them and you'll see... somethings different in The Life of a Paradox.
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