True Me The Diary

It's important to be who you really are. This diary won't just be some book that I just toss around ideas to fill; this book will be the ideas.
I will write up to 3 chapters a day if possible; I've never had a diary so this will take getting used to.


4. Fresh Start

The days go by slower than ever now; words can't seem to describe the mix of emotions that surround me. A fresh start, a new home, a new life. It's like a dream standing in front of me as I count down the very days till it's time...

It seems so far away, yet at the same time it some how seems as if it's within my grasp as I wait. Today, even tomorrow will soon just be memories in a fresh start and a new home. I don't know where I belong yet do I? This is all a journey to me... Yet the days don't seem to move any faster as I wish to be there and happy; fears won't hold me back, I want to go... and start over while being me.
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