True Me The Diary

It's important to be who you really are. This diary won't just be some book that I just toss around ideas to fill; this book will be the ideas.
I will write up to 3 chapters a day if possible; I've never had a diary so this will take getting used to.


3. A Sea of Questions

Does the ocean ride it’s waves or do waves ride the ocean? What journey does the sea make? and what makes it so special? The way it glimmers and shines like a diamond hidden where no one looks; it’s a hidden gem and it’s something you can have but can’t see… the answer could be many different things yet… only one answer seems to fit it best.

What makes life so important? You can have a life but not see it, when you feel you aren't who you’re supposed to be but nothing changes, when you know you’re alive but feel ‘dead’ but by saying ‘death’; what do you mean? Is death just physical… or, is it something more?

What's the ocean like? Sometimes it's good to forget about life, right? To lose yourself in a sea of anything to forget the cares of the world. I guess that's just life, but what makes life... Life I guess. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of what life really is or what love is, I want to search for answers; but I have more questions than answers and the roads... are clouded.

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