The Diary of a Hyper Teenage Girl

Ok so, This is just a diary of my days... Which are boring as hell but ok! umm yeah! so Yeah!


7. 11,12,13,14,15,16/05/2015

ugh. I have been writing then stopping, writing then stopping. But I have finally come to my senses and have been able to finish what I have been writing. Even though it has taken me five days to do so...


I have been feeling like crap lately for three main reasons

= J,K,L,V and I are being bitches and won't leave me alone

= Steve is still confusing me




So lets start with problem uno. So I was just chilling (I can't believe I said chilling) doing some revision for my upcoming French end of year and I get this sent to me through DM in instagram form I

I: Ok before I say anything I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Basically Lizzi, E doesn't want to say tis because she's too scared of you. Basically E doesn't want to be best friends with you because she has found some new, better friends. Me K,L,V and J. Now you got too friendly with us at school and we tried to walk away from you but you can't seem to take a hint. Then in art you got really annoyed with L, J and me and spoke to us as if we weren't human beings. Also if you had a bigger better friends group then us you wouldn't want to be friends with us.  So just stop x love (her name)


I got really pissed off and annoyed at this. Really, really annoyed so I said...


I was annoyed in art because my hay fever kicked in, I couldn't breathe out of my nose an my eyes were watering so much it looked as if I was crying. Another thing even if I had a bigger better friends group I would want to be friends with you! I know that E doesn't want to be best friends with me, I thought we could at least be friends. I also feel as if you don't accept me for who I am, sometimes I try to talk to you and you leave me out of your conversations, that I sometimes start! Also I don't mean this in a rude way please don't tell me what to do.

Then I goes and says

Ok, well I'm just telling you so you noticed what you were doing


By this time I was really annoyed so I said

I know what I'm doing.


And I left it at that.

I just don't understand that just because they are the popular ones they feel as if they can boss me around and that they can tell me what to do! It's not their place to do so. It just annoys me so, so much. Once they even said to me

'You can't join in in this conversation, you're too young'

The only reason they said this was because I am the youngest in the year. I hate that just because I'm younger than all of them they can think that they are superior to me and my friends! Well friend.


Second problem


Ugh. Well Steve is really confusing me. He doesn't talk to me all day and then as I am running late and getting everything out of my locker he comes over to me and asks if I'm free this weekend! I'm not may I add, my sister is playing chess today and tomorrow. So he said he would text me. He hasn't bloody text me. Ugh.

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