The Diary of a Hyper Teenage Girl

Ok so, This is just a diary of my days... Which are boring as hell but ok! umm yeah! so Yeah!


1. 05/05/2015 - The day of the broken needles that were thrown into the bio hazard baggy thingy me whotsit

Well um Hi! (just a follow up warning this is going to be highly sarcastic and also I will be loading a whole load of gossip into here that I feel I can't tell anyone else)

Ok so. Today was Tuesday! (Well done, pat on the back) and school was pretty crap. Basically we had an own clothes day, I was quite happy with what I was wearing until the popular girls came in (lets call them I,K and J? Yeah that'll do) wearing crop tops, leggings, tight jumpers... And I was standing there in my loose white shirt and my jeans that are slightly too small. OH! and a Gap jumper... that didn't go to well.

May I add that I go to a private school? I'll add that in there

Well yeah so I went through RE and English (I swear my English teacher hates me) then break (I HAD LIKE 12 CHOCOLATES I FELT REALLY SICK IT WAS SUCH A BAD IDEA ON MY PART) then Science and Maths (I'm that weird kid who likes those subjects, yeah...) then lunch - WHERE THE TITLE OF THIS COMES INTO PLAY BRUH! (I just bloody said bruh didn't I)

Well yeah, I had chicken curry for lunch but it had chick peas in it. I hate chick peas. But it also had Naan bread and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove naan bread like so much it hurts. I also had vanillas ice cream. Yummmmm that tasted really good too.


So I went an lined up and then with my friend LL we went into the place and the lady was like 'now I'm going to shove a lovely sharp needle into your arm and pump chemicals into your system!' I was scared and then she stuck a bloody sticker on my shirt and I was like !GET THAT BLOODY WEIRD THING OFF OF MY CHEST YOU CRAZY NURSE WOMAN!! and then I had ICT, Art and then I got the train to our shop and then home. YAY!

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