The suspect all along...

It's been a year, Watson needs to know who did it.
The suspect had been in front of him all along....


1. The awakening

Watson sighs heavily, lifting his phone. Still no reply from Mary. To take his mind off things he switches on the TV to see an unwelcoming reminder that Sherlock had died.

  It has been a year since the accident, The longest year of Watson's life. To Watson, everywhere seemed like a constant reminder. He had to know what really happened. He had too.  Watson knew that it couldn't have been Sherlocks doing. It was someone else...   Watson knew he couldn't trust anyone. Everyone and anyone was a suspect in his eyes. Nothing just added up to him, why would Sherlock jump to his death? Obviously Sherlock would have picked an more in your face sort of death, as it is Sherlock he has to one up everyone.   Watson faced his board full of dead end clues and suspects. It was 3am in the morning, although the racket of the city was still echoed. Watson stared for a moment and paused.  Finally. The answer. The one that had been right in front of him from day one. There was only one real suspect... Moriarty. 
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