Drip… Drip… Drip...

Alone and angry, Sherlock is thrown into a mysterious case with no clear clues or any ideas to help solve it.

This is for the Sherlock fanfiction competition.


1. Blood.


Drip… Drip… Drip...

The sound of heavy liquid hitting rusted metal echoed through the derelict mansion which sat dejectedly on the steep corner of Silverstone Street. The darkness which seemed to linger in the night desperately clung to the ruin, looming above the stream which slowly gathered. What made the stream this time most certainly wasn’t water.

Although it was an icy evening, no sole drop of rain littered neither the road nor the pavement. At first glance, all may have looked ordinary but through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes who happened to be passing in a sleek black cab, nothing was as it first appeared.

“Stop the cab!” he demanded as he dove out of the iconic car into the gloomy night. The loud hum of the engine continued to plague the neighbors as Sherlock crouched by the dust covered bricks and examined the ground which lay before him. Filth lay thick along the gravel which led up to the neglected house. The sickly smell of fresh blood hung moist in the air like condensation on a cold window early on a dark Monday morning. With one swift movement, Sherlock dove into his elegant murky grey coat and drew out a flat modern magnifying glass with the name of a smart German brand carved into the black plastic. He opened the case to reveal a pristine curved glass piece which he then used to inspect the land beneath him. It was then he first saw the lake of dark red. Without any thought, Sherlock pulled out his case less IPhone and called a private number that belonged to a man who he would never admit he trusted.

“Lestrade, found something in your division…”

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