A Socially Anxious Adventure

I don't want to talk to you. I'm scared of you. Please, leave me alone.

A log of diary entries of someone who's socially anxious.

Meet the author, who is to be called Nicki, as she tells you of her life!

//based on a true story


3. May 9th, 2015

Do you know that feeling you get when you realize a paper was due and it's too late to do it? I do.

All the stress I have experienced had gotten me sick yet again. I had done a speech over stress and it is true that stress increases your chances of getting a cold. I gotten sick last semester during finals week, and I have once again gotten sick during finals week. It's no fun.

I still have 2 papers to write that are due on Monday and I'd just be happy to go home.

Social anxiety is like a burden. A weight on your shoulders that you can't take off. It's like the little angel and devil on your shoulder kind of thing you see in cartoons where you have to decide what's the better choice, but instead, the devil on your shoulder is telling you things like:

"Do you see Suzie over there? Yeah? She thinks you're ugly. She's thinking that your ugly fat butt is going to go over there and say something stupid, something dumb."

Think about having that go through your mind every day when you want to go socializing with other people. It's hard, really hard.

I often lose my words, like I forget how to speak English. It's like those bloopers in cartoons and animes where the voice actors are like "And what abiufdkjhgilukuhdhgf!"

I'm just going to leave a clip below because I can and I want to.



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