A Socially Anxious Adventure

I don't want to talk to you. I'm scared of you. Please, leave me alone.

A log of diary entries of someone who's socially anxious.

Meet the author, who is to be called Nicki, as she tells you of her life!

//based on a true story


5. August 1, 2015

Back from my month's unintentional hiatus.


So, I no longer wish to be a journalist, it's not very good to go into anyways. Thinking about video editing or information technology. I have so many ideas in my head, though I really want to create a website with avatars and such like gaiaonline.


Originally I would name it Imagine Nation. But that sounds kinda lame and cheesy. Like, my username would be The Imaginator, and the people would be called imaginers, but with their own usernames. They would have a journal called imagines and the world is called Imagine Nation. But that's just ridiculous. If I can come up with a better name, I would definitely flesh out my idea.


Now, I kinda have ideas for avatar designs, and I hope it will be awesome. I just need to work on that some more.


I really don't know what I want to do with my life. I would go ahead and change my major and stuff, but what to? That's the whole problem.




I go to church praying for help, for some kind of sign, but nope. Nothing. It doesn't help when I can't pray in silence before my church service starts because they decided to pray the Hail Mary together, and wen they're done, I don't have time to pray in silence. It's all fine to pray the hail mary together as a church, but some people like silence before mass, it gives them a chance to pray and such. Ugh. I mean, yeah, I can pray silently at home, but it doesn't feel the same when I'm praying silently at church. It's weird.


Pretty much all I have to say. The only other thing to say is that the only thing I did all summer was house sit to watch my aunt's cats and help another aunt with a party. My life is boring.

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