My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


7. Day Nine- 13th May

Dear Diary,

I know you are angry with me, that frustrated expression on your face as you pretend to not see me. I know you are mad at me, for not writing in you. But, you have to understand my GCSES have started, don't you dare tut at me. This week my exams started, have twelve more exams to go, tommorow I have chemistry additional. So far, french, re, one biology exam and citizenship over. I can't believe it, I never have to pretend to understand french any more. The exams were ok I guess, re, seemed good, but you never know. The rest of the science exams are what I am worried about. Yesterday, was my mum birthday, I am not going to tell you her age. Don't you know it is rude to ask a woman's age?

Well, I am going to go now, don't moan at me for missing three days, it's not my fault. I have other things to do, even though I know you don't care about my life. That blank expression on your face every time you see me, shows how much you don't care. Good bye diary! Farewell, maybe I will talk to you tommorow. Bye!

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