My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


4. Day Four- 8th May

Dear Di

Fine, complain about how much you hate the name Di, says it makes you sound tough like a boy. But, i t's not all about you diary, it's my diary and it's about my life. Have you ever felt like checking your phone every few minutes just because you're worried about your friend? That when you're friend is upset, you are. That's how it's for me, I hope Tina is okay. I won't go on to explain what happened, because I feel like I am getting too emotionally attached to you. The weekend is coming, Saturday I have language school, then tuition for two hours for maths then need to take a break. Today one of my other friend was like "It's not real" talking about next week GSCE exams, it's like she forgot, then I told her "Actually they are your real exam". It was like it suddenly hit her, her shocked face made me laugh.

GSCES start on Monday, for the next month, all the hard work and effort for the last five years kicks in. Everything you worked for matters, all I can do, is do my best and try hard hoping luck is on my side.

Goodbye my beautiful diary,

PS: See you tomorrow, aka I only said you were beautiful so I could make you smile (*joke*)

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