My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


5. Day Five- 9th May

Dear Diary,

Fine, I admit the name Di doesn't suit a diary as loud as you. Always moaning about how much you hate the name Di, says it sounds like a diva, which you are by the way. Today was Saturday, another boring day in my life, went language school, then maths tuition, then luckily went out to eat and now back at home. I talked to Tina, she says she is okay now, but that teachers are constantly pestering her, sometimes I wish teachers would just leave you alone. They make sad people, even worse. Also, I wish sometimes people minded their own business, and should keep what others tell you personally to yourself. I hate people who lie to you, and tell others everything you tell them. It's hard to know who to trust. Friends you always think will always be there for you, aren't.

People who you think to be very special, aren't. It hits you that they are normal people who make mistakes. But, when those people who you trusted does something so bad, you feel that no matter how much you try to forgive them, it will always remain in your heart.

I'm signing out diary, sorry for such a short reply. Got exams in two days, first RE and then Citizenship, fun. Bye diary.

Your friend,


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