My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


11. 6th June

Saturday, a very boring day for me. I had language school in the morning followed up by maths tuition for my exam on Monday. One more week left, I keep trying to tell myself, to keep me going. I did the maths edexcel exam on Thursday, and it was difficult. I found it quite hard, at the beginning I was like yes, I can do it, but after half way the questions started getting really hard. One of the worst questions was about sweets, yes. I normally like sweets, but in this question it just gave me a headache. One of my friends was like that question was easy, and I looked at him and told him, just because you're clever doesn't mean we all are. It was not jut me though, loads of people found it hard. There is even a petition to get the edexcel maths exam grade boundaries to be lowered, there is over 20,000 signatures, me being one of them. It's like the exam board just wants to put more stress on us. It was the wording of the question which puzzled everyone. On twitter, loads of people have posted tweets regarding the exam. Urgh, exams.


I saw teddy bears and balloons tied to a post today, and I wondered what happeneds after you die? I mean, I read loads of articles and hear about loads of little kids and teens dying, and I wondered what happeneds to them? I hope they become angels. I feel so sad for their parents and families, losing a loved one is never easy. It's always the ones left behind that have to suffer in pain. 

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