My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


24. 5th july

So first I need to tell you all Happy Independance day for yesterday to all of you living in the USA. So today my brother has a football tournament so my parents, my little sister, brother and my grandpa left early today for the tournament and will only get back around nine, so a whole day of peace. My grandma is still at home, and I guess in a way she kind of has to look after me, though it's mostly me looking after her. She doesn't do much, just walk around and read newspapers. So today I spent the whole day watching tv, watched The Parents Trap starring Lindsay Lohan and it was awesome. In addition to, I watched CSI new york which was exceptional and Touched by An angel. Not to mention I watched the CBBC tale of Hetty Feather which was really good. So now I have waltzed to the computer and am updating you on today. So wow, 5th of July already, officially two months since I first started writing in a diary. Wohooo! So I'll guess I'll see you soon, dance baby, dance.

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