My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


23. 3rd July

OMG, I can't believe it is now July, wow time sure flies past! It has been nearly two months since I first started writing in a diary. One benefit of writing in a diary is the confidence you become and another benefit is that you are more able to write in different ways. So I am stil waiting for the battle of the fandoms competition, where I entered my story "Four" for the divergent fandom, and cross fingers hopefully it goes well, all I know is that I tried my best and that's all I can do well.

I'm sorry for not updating in a while, I have been on movellas, it's just I have forgotten and have seemed busy being lazy. So yesterday and the day before I had an induction day, on Wednesday it was another induction day. On Wednesday, we were able to see the new students, in our sixth form we have fifty external students and 150 internal students, so from my high school. Most of them were girls, though we have just around 20 male students, though I feel really sad for them, since they are with 180 other girls, and me being me was just awkward and shy. I was with my female school friends from my high school and didn't talk to any of the guys. Though I saw some other girls in my high school flirting with the guys, they were all especially staring at some guy with a tie butt, I know what you're thinking, weird. Also, a lot of the girls were fascinated with a guy called Damien who had a lip piercing even my friend Lily. My friend Lily is very beautiful with fair skin, lovely long blonde hair and blue, not to mention she is skinny and really friendly, so I wasn't surprised that she became friends with Damien.


On Thursday, we had a day of our taster lessons, I had Law first, where there were two guys. Then I had a free lesson, and then Government and Politics with four guys, followed by Media and then English literature and language. One good thing, there were no guys in my English class. We got a lot of summer homework, and I mean a lot, so much that I could see myself buried under in, and if we don't do our homework to a good standard could mean we won't be allowed to do our sixth form courses and would have to go to a different sixth form. Most of our lessons flew past, but Media was like the best. Me, Lily and another friend Sasha had to make a horror movie with two other guys, it was slightly awkward for me and Sasha, but Lily being very confident chatted away to the guys, one of guy's was called Nick and he is very loud and kind of funny, the other guys name I couldn;t remember. Our horror movie was hilarious, we did like a serial killer who was Nick, and my friend Sasha was the victim though it wasn't the best film by far.

I saw Tina by the way and she is fine, so I guess I didn't need to worry about her. She said everything is fine at home now, and she got presents for her birthday, though she said she replied to my texts which I sent her, but when I checked my phone I had no messages from Tina, and sent her some texts though she didn't reply. Lily seems really friendly with Damien though, she has his snap chat, and loves texting him and it's fine, though she does have a boyfriend called Craig, not to mention Lily has now made friends with nearly all the guys who she flirts with, and guess what they flirt back. But, it is none of my business. I'm still shy around new people, especially guys so I am not confident enough to go talk to them, but most of us girls are like that.

So I guess this is coming to an end of today's entries, today was my grandpa's birthday, .Don't ask me how long, and yes he is the one who came from Canada, he cut a cake and yeah that's about it. Tah, au revoir, see you later alligator. Bye!

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