My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


31. 3rd August

So I know I am not going to win in the diary competition, my diary isn't as amazing as the others. But, it is fun nevertheless.

Just began writing my new story called Unraveling Secrets. It's a story with love, drama, lies and secrets. Wow, this sounds like a familiar soap. So in 17 days, I get my results for GCSE's, argh, I am so scared. I know I didn't do good, I am dreading that day, please God help me. Not to mention in 28 days, on the 31st August, is my birthday. I am turning sixteen, wow, I still act like a little kid. My birthday is on the last day of August, yes, that makes me the youngest in the class, and if I was born a couple of hours later, I would have been a year behind in school, though I would have been the oldest. Isn't it funny, how I am the youngest though, I am one of the tallest. I don't look my age, I look around eighteen, which is not good, however, it seems. It may seem cool now, but, not when you are around forty, and pretend you are a whole decade younger. 

Haven't been anywhere yet, in the summer holiday, and it is nearly over. No! I want some fun in my life. In September, going sixth form, year twelve, AS levels. Wow, it seems so scary and intimidating. I just want to be a little girl again. 


Signing Out

Sabitha (the youngest girl in her class)



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