My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


34. 26th August

Wow, been twelve days, since my last entry. Sorry all, I would be lying, if I said, I was busy, in all those days. Five days left, till I turn sixteen. I wasn't busy on all those days, I went to the beach, a few days ago, had a lovely time, went swimming, went shell hunting, and, even went on the rides. The day ended, with some lovely chicken and chips, and watching the sunset. 


An amazing news, I won the paper towns giveaway. Woohoo! Can't wait, to read paper towns. Yesterday, had to finish all my homework for sixth form. Got enrollment day, on the first of September.There's a wedding tomorrow, not going, staying at home with my grandma, with my brother and sister. I hate attending functions, since I have to wake up early and, wear traditional clothes. Was my grandma's birthday too, she cut a delicious chocolate cake. The book which I ordered, the Great Gatsby came today, I needed it for English literature and language.


So six days ago, got my GCSE results, they weren't the best, and weren't that awesome, but, it was good for me. Got 8.5 A*-C.

In my school, they plaster our pictures, with the number of A*-C


Sabitha Kiritharan

8.5 A*-C


Makes me look smart, but, I'm not. Bye diary, see you later.

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