My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


21. 25th June-Good Afternoon

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all have a beautiful day tonight, isn't it lovely and hot today. Sorry, guys just had to do it, I was in the posh mood today. So today my sister came crying today at half four. Now, your probably asking why, well she wanted an ice cream, and my mum said she would buy it, and would buy it now, but my sister was playing in the park with her best friend Andrew, so my sister said she would have the ice cream later, but later, just when my sister finished playing, the ice cream ran went, so she cried all the way home. She's a bit bratty, but it was only after endless promises such as McDonald's on Saturday, that my sister finally agreed and stopped crying. I swear that girl could get away with murder. 

Also, my dad bought a new van, it's a seven-seater for 1700 pounds, expensive! So now my grandparents can come with us if we go anywhere. But, do you know the best function, it's the two tvs in the van, that my sister and brother have said it is there's to watch. No! So I just have to sit in the middle, watching my brother and sister watching tv, yes, endless joys. 

This is my fourteenth entry of the month, can you believe that? I have actually managed to write a few entries this month though they aren't always that fun. I have tried, but basically I have poured my life into you, my diary. I watched tv, and then I had ice-cream and continued reading my book. I am currently reading Midnight by Stephen Leather, and before you ask it is a crime, mystery novel probably suited for older readers, it's the second book in the series. I will tell you what it is about, but without any spoiler, so briefly I will summarise it. It's about a young man called Jack Nightingale who is on the mission to save his sister's life; because when he and his younger sister were younger, their father sold their souls to devils. But, everybody Jack talks to ends up dead, so Jack has to choose if his sisters live is worth saving.

So yes, currently reading an awesome book, so I thought I should update you on my life. Not to mention this girl Layla (I changed her name) keeps telling me to go to prom, but I don't want to go since prom isn't really my thing. Dancing, dressing up, especially with the nearby boy school that is right beside my girls school. My friend keeps apologising to me because she thinks that I am upset because of an issue that occurred. I won't tell you the issue because it is massive. I can summarise it, basically something happened to Tina, and my friends blabbed to the deputy head, who called the police, and a massive problem occurred, now there are so many problems going on in Tina's family. I think her parents are going to split, and Tina is suicidal at the moment, and I haven't heard from her in weeks, so I am slightly worried. Hopefully, I will see her next week on Wednesday 1st July and Thursday the 2nd July, I have induction day for sixth form. So hopefully I see her, can't wait to see Tina and everybody else. A whole day of doing lessons such as A-level law, government and politics, media and English literature and language. These are the four options which I chose for A levels, and will do them in September.

So this is my diary for today. See you all later, good night and day for you all, may you all have a lovely afternoon. 

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