My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


20. 24th June- It's been a long time

So I am guessing you are pretty mad with me since I failed to write in you for the last five days, but you have to understand, I have been pretty busy. My grandparents from my mum side came to my house yesterday and they are staying for two and a half months. Not to mention that last Sunday the 21st, I went to a barbeque at my uncle house. There I had a lovely time, not to mention eating delicious food, and luckily my mum allowed me and my other cousin who is also fifteen to go to the nearby mountains, but if only we snuck out without telling my little sister who is six.

Since she will cry and ask, so me and my cousin Ramii, and snuck out like super spies and we walked to the nearby mountains, which was around three minutes away. There we climbed one of the mountains, the round and round one. Though we took lots of pictures, due to my cousin love of taking pictures, she took videos and we took dub smashes, such as a best friend one which went like "She's my best friend, you hit her, you hit us, you fight her, you fight us etc". Then after spending time on the mountains, we went to the park and we took even more pictures and dub smashes. I swear my cousin is addicted to her phone, it was a very special moment since my lovely cousin is moving to Coventry over three hours away, so I would probably never see her for the next three years, and we have been so close.

She is more like a sister to me, that I wished time would just freeze but it didn't, all I have is memories, all I can hope is that we hopefully still see each other, but I don't think we will since she already lives an hour away, and we don't see each other enough anyway. I know God made us cousins since no mother could stand us being sisters. I miss her already and it's only been what, three days. Hopefully, time flies, and all I can do is pray destiny has us together in the future. So today my uncle and his family came to our house to visit my grandparents, a bit awkward when I woke at half ten and came downstairs to see everybody looking at me. A lot of my family members have been coming to see my grandparents, it's nice but a bit awkward, since I don't really talk to them and normally have nothing to say.

Like when someone asks you "How is your education going?" all I can reply is "Fine." Not to mention results day in August 20, it may seem far, but I am dreading it, since I feel like I have done badly, I know I should have revised more, but no matter how much I revise, I never seem to understand it. Hopefully I did good, at least B grades or above in GCSES, but all I can do is pray. If my grades are good, for my birthday which is eleven days after, I can get whatever I want. Finally, if my grades are good I can get that Samsung phone, maybe an S5, since at the moment I have one of the small ones which are practically worthless, I mean you can't even take pictures. Anything is an upgrade from my brick phones. So I am guessing I am signing out, hopefully, I can be bothered to write tomorrow, but hopefully you remind me. Bye, look at least today entries is longer than the last ones, don't want all my entries to be too short since it will just look like I am lazy, which I am. Bye.

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