My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


29. 21st July

So, the reason, I haven't updated in a while, is because, on July 19th, I went to Fruit garden, and then had a barbecue at my cousin's house, and yesterday. My best friend Ramii's parents came to my house, and they invited me to go to the same cousins house, that I did yesterday, and my parents said yes. It was because Ramii was at that cousins house, and wanted me to come, she begged my parents, and they said yes. Ramii's parents dropped me there, and I saw my cousin Ramii. We had an awesome time, listening to Taylor Swift's Blank Space, and other parodies, and had a lot of fun. We then went Mcdonalds and had a chilli sweet burger, and we shared some extra large chips and, shared a mc flurry, it was delicious.


I loved spending time with Ramii, she is my best friend, and I can't wait to see here in two days. She is going to come, to my sister's birthday, and we are going to have, lots of fun.


Everyone is criticising me, because well, I'm overweight. So, my mum is making me, drink lemon juice, every morning. Apparently, it will make me loose weight, and I am eating more vegetables. Hopefully, I will lose weight, I just want people, to stop criticising me. I want to be good enough for everyone.


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