My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


28. 18th July

So first, I need to apologize, for not updating in a while.

Second, I want to say a big thanks, to all the amazing people, who liked and faved my story "Four", especially on such short notice, because of you awesome people, my story "Four" became overall winner, of the battle of the fandoms, and I am going to get, a book bundle, yes. I am so happy now, I love books, can't wait to see what interesting books I will get, that's my summer reading, sorted. Second, thanks for all the kind people, wishing me congrats, I wouldn't be anywhere, without you.

So today, I want to talk about equality. About men and women are, sometimes still not seen as equal. Most women, especially Indian, Asian women, are supposed to be housewives, and learn how to cook and clean. This is something I can relate to, my mother always scolds me for being lazy and, tells me I ned to learn, how to cook and clean. I ask why, if it was just for normal basics, I wouldn't worry much. But, they tell me, when I'm married, I need to be a good housewife, that's what got me annoyed. I can be whoever I want, I am not limited to anything. My dreams and passions, will take me far in life, I don't have to be a typical housewife, do I?


So in five more days, it's the most beautiful girls birthday, and now you're wondering who it is. It's my gorgeous little sister Sahaana, she's turning seven on July 23rd. Can't wait for her birthday, it 's hard to believe my baby sister is growing up, a lot of people are going to come, including my best friend Ramii, this might be the last time I see her, before she moves to Coventry. So this is today's entry, I better sign off. 

Thanks to all the amazing people, who continue to read my diary, even I don't see, what makes you guys, interested in this.

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