My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


17. 15th June

Can you ever be bored just being lazy? Well, I can. Now that school is over, there isn't much to do, apart from watching tv, playing games on my kindle and going on movellas. So you probably want me to update you on my brother birthday, two days ago. It was good, my best friend Ramii came, we spent time catching up and taking a lot of pictures, including some pictures that we posted on Instagram. I was really sad, when my best friend, but she is actually my cousin, but more like my sister told me she was moving to Coventry, now she is nearly two hours away from me. I already don't see her much, since she used to live an hour away, how am I going to see her now? 

So now I am thinking of what to write next so that my diary entries don't look like a paragraph long on each entry. I wrote a new chapter to my story "Four" which is for the battle of the fandoms competition, and today is the last day. I hope I win, but I am sure everyone does as well. It's because I spent so much time writing and did try my best so hopefully it pays off. One lovely movellian told me that she hoped my story won, and it made me so happy. You should have seen the smiling grin that was plastered on my face. I looked like a Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. So currently, I am writing to you my faithful diary, updating you on my everyday life. 

When I first started writing a diary, I never thought I would get this far. Yes, last month I only wrote six entries spanned over one month, but this month I have written 10 entries already and it hasn't even been  the whole month yet. Writing in a diary is much harder than you think, especially as you have to think of what to write, and the constant question in your head telling you; if anybody actually reads your diary. So you have to keep it interesting, and for somebody like me who hasn't really got an interesting life, it is a lot harder than you think. See  I have written one short paragraph already describing the hard work that young writers go through when writing a diary. I mean it's hard to even address you, like should I address you as Dear Diary, but using that same line every entry makes it seem very boring. So I just though why should I keep repeating Dear Diary? Obviously you being my diary knows that I am  talking to you, so I might as well just start pouring my heart into you. I wonder if you even care about what I am writing, probably not. But, it doesn't matter might as well bore you to death. So I am actually feeling kind of sorry for you since I am boring you to death. So just this once, I will let you go. I will stop boring you, and say farewell to you. Bye! See you tomorrow, if I can actually be bothered to write to you.

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