My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


27. 14th July

So I sadly didn't win the battle of the fandoms, though I'm sad about it, I know the winner truly deserves it.

So today, I wanted to ask the important question.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

So my head of year, Ms.Coleman always loved asking us weird questions in Assembly and, a few months ago. She held a cup of water and, asked us how heavy it was. Though, people made various assumptions, they were all wrong. That was when Ms.Coleman told us, it didn't matter how heavy it was, it mattered how long we held it for. So say, we held it for a few minutes, it wouldn';t seem very heavy, and say we held it for an hour, our arm would ache, and say we held it for a day, our arm would hurt so badly. But, the amount of water didn't change, so the moral is, how long we carry it for. We can use this for real life, say stress if, we put stress on our shoulders for a long time, it tends to drag us down. But, instead if we have stress but, shove it away instantly, it wouldn't drag us down.


So does anybody else have that teacher, who always tells you how many hours, minutes, days till your exams start, and you feel like telling him to shut up. We do, he thinks we won't get stressed, but the more he tells us, the more nervous we get. Yes, that's you Mr.H, the always happy teacher, who loved telling us how, if we failed out GCSE we wouldn't get anywhere, thank you for being so motivational and positive. Note the sarcasm.



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