My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


16. 13th June- Happy Birthday

So after yesterday physics exam which was quite hard, I can happily say that all my exams are over. Yes! So after posting so many facebook statuses celebrating end of GCSES, it should be a time for relaxation today. But today my brother is celbrating his thirteenth birthday, and we have our cousins and family coming. Around thirty people are coming, some coming early at four pm, while others are coming at eight pm, when we will be cutting the cake. Including my number one bestie, and my amazing cousin Ramii, who is a year younger than me. I haven't seen Ramii in months, since she lives over an hour away from me. I can't wait to meet her again. My brother thinks that me and her just gossip together, but I guess we do. We have a lot of fun, talking, and making prank calls to some of her friends. It's really funny, when you pretend to be somebody else.

Last time, we prank called her brother best friend and we pretended to be the pizza express boy, so next time any pizza express people phone him, be prepared for him to rant. My brother got a Samsung four phone for his birthday, so jealous since I still have a brick samsung phone like the first one, and have to wait till my sixteenth birthday on august 31 to get a better phone, and that is also if I manage to get brilliant GCSE grades. Urgh! so not fair, I have waited years to get a proper phone, discrimination from my parents. I am always treated unfairly, I have to wait till sixteen to get a proper phone, my brother only has to wait till thirteen and my sister who is six now only has to wait to go high school. No! So people will be coming soon, I have to get dressed prettily which will take half an hour. My mum has been cooking for an hour now for all the people coming, making briyani, yummy! So I will say farewell diary, until tommorow where I will update you on my life story.

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