My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


15. 10th June-Wonderful Wednesday

So today is Wednesday, as you know and today I had a history medicine exam this morning. Luckily the exam wasn't too hard, it was actually alright. The exam was about public health in 1800 to 1914. Cholera was a main factor in nearly all the questions, I am lucky that what I revised yesterday came up in the exam. So only ONE more exam left, one more. Just got a physics science exam left on Friday, then all my exams is over. Yes. 


So currently re reading some of my favourite stories on movellas, aah. Our movellas members are so talented, and their stories are just fabulous. I wish I had half the amount of talent as some of our members. I notice that most of my entries are short, maybe because I know that if I write really long entries you will get bored easily, though you are probably bored already. I don't know how you can stand reading my entries, but I do thank you.


So no exam tommorow, so I have the day off. Time for sleeping until around eleven and then being lazy, as usual. On Facebook yesterday, I posted a comment on how I had two more exams (one now) left, and how then stressful time will be over and it will be hard for revising. My lovely cousin Sam had to destroy it, by boasting on how I would definitely love A levels then, and by the way she said that I know that she said it in a sarcastic tone. Great, more stress and hard work, and apparently in A levels you have to do all the exams at the end of the two years, how on earth am I going to remember what I learnt two years ago in the exam? I can't even remember what I did yesterday, just great.

So I am signing out, bye. See you tommorow, if you dare.

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