Popular Geek? My diary.

The true diary of my life. The highs, the lows and the parts not even my closest friends know about...

Note: for the purpose of privacy, I've changed my name and the people I've talked about. I've also not included details of where I live.

Hope you enjoy my strange ramblings xD

*For the Diary Entry competition*


2. Quick entry


Dear diary,

I really don't have the time to write. I've got a mock exam on Friday and Art coursework due tomorrow and a Latin kind-of-GCSE in three weeks time.

But I didn't want to completely abandon you, so I'll keep this brief:

1. Nobody seems to like Suzanne anymore. It's strange how I used to see the 'popular kids' and think they must be all happy and stuff. But now I realise most of their friendships are fake, and half their beauty can be wiped off with a packet of wetwipes. Not all, of course. I'm friends with a few. But Suzanne has been posting a lot of indirects on Instagram lately. One really stuck: sometimes I smile because it's easier than explaining why I'm so sad. Deep, huh? friendships are a lot more complicated that I used to think.

2. Stuff like that reminds me how lucky I am to have such supportive friends

3. I was in a group with James Walters today. Somehow he reminds me of Augustus Waters... like the crooked smiles and stuff. Sometimes he tries to be all sophisticated and stuff but it's the most satisfying feeling when you make him laugh- for real, not just him absent-mindedly lauging- and he's all crooked grins and random dimples. Oh. I've talked way too much about him. Oops...

Has 20 mins gone already??!

Got to go

I'll update soon

Uniqua x



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