Popular Geek? My diary.

The true diary of my life. The highs, the lows and the parts not even my closest friends know about...

Note: for the purpose of privacy, I've changed my name and the people I've talked about. I've also not included details of where I live.

Hope you enjoy my strange ramblings xD

*For the Diary Entry competition*


5. One year later


Thursday 29th September, 2016

I don't know what's made me suddenly open up my computer and come back to the website that I once felt so attached to. Looking back on the Movellas website is like looking back at an old friend that you've drifted apart from. Now I'm back. Whether that friend accepts me back or never has the same buzz or even realises that I'm now standing next to them, well. 

Why my absence? I didn't think I had enough time in year 10, which is a shitty excuse because now I'm in year 11 and I know I'll look back on this and laugh when I'm in sixth form and and adult and yeah. But I won't bore you. That's like coming back to an old friend and trying to explain everything. No. I won't bore you.

So what shall I write? 

I'm just going to type everything write now and not even think about it because



I need to get this out and everything's changed so much that it's almost unreal.


first thing i've learnt, being friends with everyone makes you friends with no-one. if you try to hang out with everyone you only spend a small amount of time with each person and then you look back and wonder why you're not close with everyone. close. like going to the cinema close. like having personal jokes close. like waiting for each other and thinking of you as part of them close.


i'm writing a novel. i was in a bad mood when i wrote the ending. i like it. it's not the happy ending when the girl chooses the boy in the end. heck, that's a lie. she chooses herself. she chooses her parents. 

i was sitting next to someone today, i'll change his name. let's call him jimmy? so jimmy. and last year we talked in every lesson and we just had that spark, like when the teacher picks on you and they know you weren't listening so they answer instead spark. like they make you laugh because they can see your upset without them even telling them spark. like playing 'merci' under the table spark.

he sat next to me today. 

it was to follow the seating plan.

'de ja vu,' i said.

'huh?' he replied. not cold, just neutral. like he'd never talked to me in my life 

'i used to sit next to you, last year,' i said.

'did you?' he laughed and put a hand through his hair, then asked if a pen lying on the desk was mine or his. 


i'll write more in a bit. this likely doesn't make sense but i'm not going to edit it, i've decided. i'll press the green button in the bottom left corner and 





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