Once upon a time: when everyone loved me

This is my (attempt) at writing a diary. There are no gunfights or aliens or plot or really any kind of epic happenings, it's just my life.


1. 5/5/15

Dear Frank (Sorry, I just can't call you diary. And yes, I'll be referring to you (the diary) as a person, it just makes writing a bit easier for me), todays been the same old same old; wake up, skip breakfast (I'm not starving myself I just don't feel hungry in the mornings), do stuff, eat lunch, read some, do stuff, eat dinner, read some/draw, then to bed to try and sleep (and usually not succeeding until 3:00 A.M.). As I've said before same old same old, but all day I couldn't stop thinking "Why can't I ever finish what I start?". I really can't seem to. I've started a million books/ graphic novels, get ten pages or so in then it never goes anywhere past that. Its not that I run out of ideas, heck no! I have ideas constantly bouncing around in my mind. That might actually be part of my problem; I'll be five pages into a story then I start thinking "What if (insert idea here)" then I instantly make a story for that, try and write it and forget all about the story I had been writing before. Sometimes I'll stumble over one of those stories I had started years ago, read it and think "Wow, this isn't half bad why didn't I finish it?" then I try to do more to the old story but...then a new idea pops into my head "wouldnt it be cool if (insert something awesome)"...and the cycle begins again. Hopefully keeping a diary will help me keep to and finish things.

If you can't tell this is my first diary entry ever so be patient with me Frank (Okay, I have nothing against the name "Frank" but I might have to come up with a different name. How does "Michael" sound?). Since I have no idea how to end a Diary entry I'll just say goodbye.

Goodbye Frank, talk to ya later.

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