Once upon a time: when everyone loved me

This is my (attempt) at writing a diary. There are no gunfights or aliens or plot or really any kind of epic happenings, it's just my life.


2. 5/29/15

Dear Frank, its been awhile hasn't it? well, thats because my life isn't really all that interesting. Most exciting thing to happen this week is me getting braces, sounds fun right? Luckily, I only have to wear my bright green braces for eighteen months, but that is still eighteen months longer than I want to have them. And guess what? soon I'll have to get surgery on the roof of my mouth to fix my wacky teeth. What a joy. Sorry for all the sarcasm Frank but if you suddenly couldn't eat beef jerky or gummies and had trouble sleeping because of a mouthful of metal you wouldn't be too cheerful either.

And it doesn't help that my brother (who's real name I shouldn't use for safety reasons so I'm going to call him Jerry) is cracking "Hilarious" jokes about it. Funny thing is that Jerry also has to get braces soon. I so can't wait for some karma to hit him hard. Now I've had broken bones and I can say without any hesitation that braces are worse; it hurts like heck, you can't eat what you want, and brushing and flossing is uncomfortable and painful. And the braces are really not helping with my speech impediment. Thats right, now I get to stutter around my teeth fence of metal. Oh the fun. I have a job that I need to smile and talk for, little harder to do that now.

Okay, okay, braces aren't the worse thing to happen and I know others have it much, much, worse than I, but still, for the next week or so I will not be the best company to keep. Be warned Frank, since all you can do is listen I might just rant your ears off(if dairies had ears).

Talk to ya as soon as my life gets interesting (or if I feel like ranting again)

(As a side note; did you know it took two hours to get my in braces and it took half an hour to get one molar pulled? Longest Two and a half hours of my life) 

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