The Diary of a Girl Who Lives

It's my diary for the Dear Diary competition...hope you guys find my life funny or enjoyable or weird or whatever it doesn't matter I'm open to it.
My fabulous cover by: Indigo Bottles
(Thank you)...(again)


1. May 5, 2015 - Opening page

Hey guys so....umm I haven't written in a diary since I was like I do have journals but this are for like quotes so I figured hey why not join this contest so basically these are the things I'm going to be putting in here



book titles that I like

book ideas

my day

things that happen

My lame love life


you know the usual things in a diary...I'm just going to let you all know my grammar in this book will not be the best and I don't care it's not one of my good my life is crazy go ahead judge me...


so this is not technically my first entry this is just and opening stating what's going to be in here and that's basically it so keep on reading guys...

~ Koda Bear

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