The Diary of a Girl Who Lives

It's my diary for the Dear Diary competition...hope you guys find my life funny or enjoyable or weird or whatever it doesn't matter I'm open to it.
My fabulous cover by: Indigo Bottles
(Thank you)...(again)


15. May 19, 2015 - May 27, 2015

ive been super busy from the 19-27 all last week I had final exams and then this week I've been super busy trying to figure out and summer school programs I could do CUZ I failed a class, and I got my phone taken away and I've been trying to be sneaky and get online whenever I can.

Today is as given so much drastic major news that I feel like I'm gunna explode...but I'll be fine...hopefully...I know I have great friends online and offline, that'll be there for me. 

I just realized this might be the first chapter in this diary....journal...thingy that I used commas


That's it I have a lot more books to update CUZ Nolan told me to update all my books...o.O still haven't figured out if she's joking or not

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