The Diary of a Girl Who Lives

It's my diary for the Dear Diary competition...hope you guys find my life funny or enjoyable or weird or whatever it doesn't matter I'm open to it.
My fabulous cover by: Indigo Bottles
(Thank you)...(again)


6. May 11, 2015

day # I'm not sure because I'm not really keeping wa splay I guess but like bleh bleh bleh my friends dating friend wants to go with her girlfriend somewhere...I think a friend likes crush I've been told has a mother told me to build a fuck the world wall so that's what I'm doing...and my other friend scared me by how she looks and the fact that her grandparents let her out of the house looking like it too...anyway I'm adding more chapters this is gunnak from a diary to like a journal CUZ I've noticed how diary like it is and I don't like all.


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