The Diary of a Girl Who Lives

It's my diary for the Dear Diary competition...hope you guys find my life funny or enjoyable or weird or whatever it doesn't matter I'm open to it.
My fabulous cover by: Indigo Bottles
(Thank you)...(again)


4. Just a little not for all of yall


hello my dear reader

I want to thank you for actually reading this and caring about it in anyway shape or form wether it's the I hate this book and this person so I wanna see how sucky there life is or the I wanna be there for them when they need it care...but thank you either way.


Okay so i wanna explain something To you all...when people like hate on me or give me "mean" comments my brain turns them around and spots them out as nice ones like I've been called a bitch a crazy ass fother mucker and I'm just like okay thanks I know I'm crazy yea I have a butt I do have a mother and no I do not engage in those extracurricular activities..but thank you so like nothing tends to bother me much but i am sensitive to things I'm not invincible guys I just have a high tolerance for jerks.

I do have a history with being bullied tho and I just want to let YALL know for those of you who are being bullied the best thing you can do is stay strong like that's how I got through it I stayed strong and fought my battles and I still am like I have problems I'm fixing them because of being bullied and harassed but if you need to talk just let me know...I know I'm not being fully safe but I have multiple emails and I have one just for if you need to talk just leave a comment on my wall or one here and I'll give it to you but delete it right after.


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